Joel Abong - 1985 Joel'sParents, Concepcion and Rodolfo Abong - 2011
  • Joel Abong - 1985

  • Joel's parents, Concepcion and Rodolfo Abong - 2011

Concepcion and Rodolfo Abong
Young Joel Abong was among the hardest hit of the children in Negros Occidental where the economy suffered under Marcos cronies. His father, a fisherman, could not make enough money to feed Joel and his six siblings. Joel died a few weeks after the photo was taken.
Life hasn't changed much for Rodolfo and Concepcion Abong, pictured in their home in a squatter area in Bacolod City. Only one of their seven children escaped poverty. Four died, two are in jail, and one is working in the sugar fields near their home.